Founders Network



Founders Network is a community of creatives and innovators. 

Wielding the forces of technology, business, and entrepreneurship, our members challenge the status quo and work to build the future. Our club enables those with curiosity and drive to create an impact alongside a community of like-minded peers. We do this by serving as a cornerstone to the technology and business community, while arming our members with new tools and frameworks of thought necessary to succeed.

Our Flagship Events


technology consulting competition

The Consulting Competition has run in partnership with Microsoft and IBM for the past four years, now established as one of the largest technology-based case competitions in Ontario. The 500+ person event brings in top recruiters from the heart of the tech industry offering consulting opportunities. This is a core event for those who thrive on innovation and growth. 


future view conference

Future View is currently the largest technology and business conference at Western, doubling in size each year. Attendees gain direct insight into the future of technology through the eyes of 7 experts and industry leaders, 3 hands-on workshops, and the open panel discussion. Topics, experts and sponsors are selected to provide connections and cutting-edge knowledge to serve hundreds of attendees' interests and curiosity. 


startup showcase

In association with Global Entrepreneurship Week, the day showcases successful businesses and accelerators from the startup sphere. This event will bring you an evening of insightful conversations with entrepreneurs and industry experts. Learn from the trials and successes of forward thinking individuals and interact with business ideas, products, and initiatives first hand.

Partners and Sponsors

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