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Technology. Business. Entrepreneurship.

Meet the Team


Future View

Experience upcoming innovative technologies from industry experts in Artificial Intelligence, Biotech, Cleantech, Fintech and more that are shaping the future. Future View is the BIGGEST campus hosted tech conference in Canada, and is also an opportunity to network with students and speakers, ask questions to a panel, and learn through interactive workshops.


We build the future with software. As a team, we will go through various stages of the startup process including ideation, development, market testing, and user acquisition, with the hopes of finding our place in the ever-evolving landscape of tech. Our aim as a portfolio is to make it big; we will be applying to YCombinator, Seed Your Start-Up, and other entrepreneurial initiatives with the goal of growing into a serious business venture. Our network of industry leaders allows our Portfolio to access the resources and mentorship required to accelerate development, creating unparalleled value for any student involved.


Western Founders Network is all about the community. We want to connect like-minded individuals and get each other excited about technology and entrepreneurship! This year, the Community Portfolio is implementing Alumni Night, as well as continuing to bolster the mentorship program, Innovator’s Network. We also host Drop-In Community Work Night meetings to bring the network together.


The Design portfolio is the face of Western Founders Network. We craft beautiful experiences and define what someone sees any time they interact with the club. We work to create promotional assets for our events, uphold the club’s brand image, and run design-themed events to build a design community at Western.


We are the liaison between Western Founders Network and the community. Through internal and external communication, social media marketing, and merging data and creative disciplines, the Marketing portfolio gets to the core of understanding and cultivating community demand for our events.


Ever wanted to work in Silicon Valley as an engineer, harnessing disruptive technologies to change the world? How about launching your own tech startup, pitching in front of venture capitalists for a chance at your first million? Look no further than the education portfolio, who will connect you with like minded individuals to harness tech skills ranging from machine learning to web development.


The finance portfolio plays a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our new initiatives. We correspond with corporate partners and work to provide funding for the overall team. Lucrative funding opportunities always exist beyond our initial expectations, and as such the portfolios passion for our mission is essential.


A bridge between the business and technology world, Industry allows multifaceted individuals to discover how these two streams can be blended into some of the most interesting jobs on the market. Industry is all about learning by doing. Our goal is to provide opportunities to connect with the vast network of alumni of Founders Network, develop meaningful relationships with our corporate sponsors, and educate our membership about the ever evolving trends within the workforce. All of this development culminates in our largest flagship event, the Technology Consulting Competition. Industry actively collaborates with industry leaders such as Microsoft, CIBC, IBM, and Canadian Tire to make the event bigger and better every year.


Dedicated to sparking curiosity and ensuring our members are the first to know all things tech, Western Founders Network has created the Publishing portfolio to cut through the noise and provide direct access to the most incisive, valuable knowledge. From deep-dive interviews with tech giants, to carefully curated insider advice from the students with the most sought-after experiences, this portfolio provides a holistic view into the world of tech.


Operations keeps Western Founders Network running smoothly by managing core functions and growing our community by experimenting with new initiatives. Being in charge of internal operations and communications, Operations creates an internal roadmap for the year, troubleshoots inefficiencies, and handles communication with the USC. This year, Operations will introduce a virtual reality exhibition, host a full-day design sprint, and look for ways to take our annual Startup Showcase to the next-level.


The aim is to help ignite the spark of entrepreneurship in any individual and take away the stigma that entrepreneurship is typically just for tech and business students. Entrepreneurship can be a simple side hustle, potential business or even a nonprofit organization as each require the same passion and dedication. At Founders, we are going to spice up the entrepreneurship scene with events like the Startup Showcase and innovative ideas that are yet to be disclosed.