Founders Network

Overview of Events

Learn more about the events we hold throughout the year. From our Technology Consulting Competition, to our Educationals, there is definitely an event suited for you.


Technology Consulting Case Competition

The Consulting Competition has run in partnership with Microsoft and IBM for the past three years. The core of the event is a business case with technology as the potential solution. The case is typically based on a local startup company, while the technology of choice is that of a company like Microsoft. Attendees get an opportunity to learn about advanced technologies like Machine Learning and discuss their potential applications. This event also attracts startups and other companies who typically have a table and representatives present. Typically 50 teams of 4 compete. 

Future View

This speaker-based-event aims to expose its attendees to the bleeding edge technologies and ideas that may have an impact on the world. The conference is based on a series of 20 minute presentations by experts from a wide gamut of fields. Attendees also participate in breakout sessions and workshops.

Past speakers include: Andrew Bowerbank (Director of Sustainability at EllisDon), Richard Zemel (Deep Learning Professor and Co-Founder of Smart Finance), Stephen Dantas (Founder of Digityll and Future Technology Expert), Melissa Kargiannakis (Founder of Huristext), Xaibin Wang (Wireless Communications Canada Research Chair), Alexandra Wood (COO at Wearable X & Harvard Graduate), Chris Knowles (Principal Architect at VMWare), Ameer Rosic (Blockchain). 

Startup Showcase

This event attracts a number of startups and accelerators. Some founders typically present their story for the group and the remainder of the event is focused on getting to meet and speak with representatives from the startups in attendance. Professors from Ivey Entrepreneurship have also attended to run a workshop for the attendees over dinner. 


Western Founders Network’s educationals offer a guided experience to acquire a technical understanding of tools. Our attendees are given a crash course in the technology and work to apply it immediately at the event. The main area of focus for these educationals includes website development, machine learning libraries, and mobile development.


Each year Founders Network improves its event offerings by assessing which events were successful and which were not. Successful events are improved upon and run again. Every year the club also tests a number of new event concepts to ensure we always have fresh compelling content to provide our members. 

Exciting events coming this year:

●      Technology Career Firms Trip in Toronto

●      Flagship Entrepreneurship Event focused on conveening teams to develop ideas and prototype solutions. We’ve got some early support from Ivey Entrepreneurship to run an event of this nature. We could potentially distribute prompts a week in advance and use the event for workshops, presentation, and round tables.

●      Round Tables offer a chance to engage in deep discussions. We could potentially connect professors, students, and professionals through dinners or group round tables on a variety of topics.

●      Mentorship program.

●      Design community focused events.