Founders Network


Technology. Business. Entrepreneurship.

Club Mission

Founders Network is a community built on the passion of those excited to shape our future. We focus on the following three pillars: Technology, Business, and Entrepreneurship.

We are the club that strategizes how to bring you the valuable skills and insider knowledge you need to reach your ideals. The insights, connections, and community available only outside of standard lectures and networking events. Our goal is to ensure that you never leave a WFN event without discovering something that brings you closer to your goals and leaves you hungry for more. Whether you’re mastering your first technology like Python, or seeking to change the fabric of society, Founders Network is the community for you. We are curious, skilled and ready to be at the leading edge of technology and business revolutions. 

Benefits to Members

Western Founders Network brings together a community of students interested in building tomorrow. Our members will get the opportunity to challenge the status quo and watch their dreams of innovation come to fruition. Through connecting our pillars of technology, business, and entrepreneurship, we enable members to truly expose themselves to a broad spectrum of success. We offer a variety of workshops and events to guide members to discover their passions, learn new skills and inspire new ideas related to technology, entrepreneurship and business. Member exclusive events include the Firms Trip, the Mentorship Program, the In House Startup Project,and the Monthly Tech Roundup. Additionally, member discount events include the Technology Consulting Competition, and the Future View Conference. Aside from these we also offer tech educationals, design sprints, mentors, recruiting opportunities, and more. If these amazing opportunities don’t appeal to you then the incredible network of driven individuals will. Western Founders Network provides a platform for like-minded peers to learn, attend events, and start companies with. Our community of members comes from a diverse set of backgrounds from Engineering to Economics, further allowing our members to experience optimal exposure to a variety of fields. As an engaged member, we promise you an unforgettable and rewarding experience.